How to properly care for the dogs in the hot season

Abnormally hot days can be for your pet a real challenge. And if he is the owner of the long hair, then no special action is fraught with obtaining heat stroke. Let’s consider that it is desirable to take to alleviate the suffering of the dog.

According to veterinarians, heat stroke in animals is similar to the symptoms with a human: shortness of breath, salivation, a sharp increase in pulse rate, a significant increase in temperature, lethargy, loss of coordination. The dog has become turbid irises of the eyes, protruding tongue, she begins to whine piteously. Unfortunately, most owners do not know how to protect your pet from such hassles. If you just do not treat the problem with due care, it can lead to fainting or even death!


Meanwhile, all of this can be prevented:

Do not shave long-haired dogs, as this may lead to erosion of skin to the sun;

• the time for the morning and evening promenade is better to choose before 8 am and after 6 pm, it is better to walk in the shade of trees or nearby water bodies;

• it is desirable to take a bottle of water for the animal;

• Limit intensive physical activity in hot weather (running, jumping, etc.).

In the case of heat stroke:

• to immediately move the victim to a cool place (the bathroom, basement, cellar, a room in which the air is, or at least a fan);

• attach to the head (occipital), and paw pads soaked in cold water cloth or better to wrap the whole body with a wet cloth;

• Call a veterinarian or go to his own.


And in the end some general guidelines:

• feeding natural foods to make sure that the food in the dog bowl did not stay for longer than 30 minutes after the end of the meal;

• ensure continued access to clean cool water;

• Do not lock your dog in an unventilated room, or in a closed car.


If you follow the tips offered above, your dog will be healthy and happy, even in the hottest time of the year.


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