Worms in dogs and their impact on the animal

Some of the most dangerous parasites that can harm your pet — worms, or helminths. Ensure that the dog did not have them at all — almost an impossible task. Yes, and in its implementation there is little need. Danger arises only when infection becomes too strong. Usually adult dogs a high level of resistance of the organism, but the lives of puppies worms really threatened.


Ascaris — worms, which are most often affect dogs


One of the most common and dangerous types of worms are round worms, or roundworm. They live in the intestines and reach a length of 12 to 20 cm roundworm eggs can only be seen under a microscope.


In the presence of the dog roundworm observed intestinal upset (diarrhea or constipation), gas, bloated stomach, too strong appetite. The animal’s hair becomes dull and breath — sweet. Puppies infected with Ascaris, in addition to the usual symptoms may appear anemia and low temperature. In some cases, parasites form a tight coil, which can block the intestines that leads to the death of the dog.


Moreover, roundworm sometimes settle in the liver or the lungs, which is also fraught with very dangerous consequences. Their larvae pierce the pulmonary vessels, weakening the lung tissue, and the animal becomes ill with pneumonia.


Ezofagnye (esophageal) worms


If this kind of worms settled in the esophagus, the animal is observed difficulty swallowing, vomiting appear. Dog noticeably losing weight. If the balls are collected from the mass of worms in the trachea or lungs of an animal appears coughing, difficulty breathing (up to choking). Sometimes the dog aorta weakens so that the dog dies from blood loss.



Whipping worms


Severe infection is accompanied by gastro-intestinal disorders, weight loss, diarrhea, nervousness, fainting. Whipping worms produce toxins that can cause anemia in an animal.


For the prevention of infection by helminths first need to carefully monitor the cleanliness of utensils, out of which the dog eats and drinks, with the nipples lactating bitches. Once a quarter definitely need to give the dog a deworming medication (including vaccination and prior to mating).


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