Terms of grooming dogs depending on the breed

When choosing a puppy, we rarely think about what the «pitfalls» can meet at a joint with him the path of life. Meanwhile, a puppy — it’s not a toy, which at any moment can be put aside, as a full member of the family, requiring not only a regular walking and feeding, but also games, lessons on training and special events for their care. Thus, grooming different breeds of dogs is totally different and can be a serious problem for the owner.


The beauty of a dog

Some prefer the tiny dog, believing that care for such crumbs are not a problem. But, for example, wool Yorkshire Terrier requires special care. The representatives of this breed are unique: only their coat composition is similar to human hair, so it is easy to become confused with bold and strong. Such dogs must constantly bathe and comb, and from time to time to trim. You will need lots of accessories for hair, without many of the pins and rubber bands simply can not do.


Representatives of the short-haired breeds, such as Staffordshire Terriers, Dalmatians, Dachshunds do not require special care of his hair. It’s enough to wash when dirty and at least once a week to comb out with a rubber comb-mittens. It perfectly removes short hairs. It is worth noting that Dalmatians shed all year round, and short white hairs are everywhere, if you do not provide proper pet care.


Long-haired dogs require more time to make luster and beauty. Coat collie, bobtail, some shepherds in need of constant scratching. If we ignore this procedure, the pet will soon lose not only attractive, but also will acquire plicas that will give him considerable discomfort.


Thick, but short fur and Labrador Husky is also in need of care, especially in the off-season molt, which usually occurs in the autumn and spring. These pets need regular comb to remove the soft undercoat.


Perhaps the most undemanding in terms of grooming are Airedales. They do not fade, but need careful grooming — a kind of plucking hairs regrown. This procedure is carried out once every few months.


Canine beautician

It should take care of that the pet had their combs and bath accessories. Highlight for dogs old bed sheet or a few large towels: after taking a bath one can not do. Must get a special shampoo for dogs. This makeup is different and depends not only on the age of the dogs, but the coat, its structure and condition. Shampoo designed for smooth-favorites, may not be suitable Longhair. It is possible to use hypoallergenic baby shampoo or bathing facilities. Wash your pet with special tools are often not recommended, as the shampoo washes away the protective layer from the hair, leaving it dull and easily absorbable. Many dog ​​owners will appreciate and Furminators — a device that easily removes undercoat. This invention is a real salvation during shedding pet.


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