Rabies in dogs. How not to get infected by their four-legged friend?

Rabies — a viral disease that affects the nervous system. Unfortunately, it is widespread, so they can get sick any warm-blooded animal, including man. Typically, symptoms do not appear until 3-6 weeks in adult dogs, and up to 5-7 days in puppies. Very rarely, the latent period of the disease in pets lasts about a year.


How to identify the disease?

There are the following stages of violent forms of rabies in dogs. During the incubation period, the animal may become sluggish, hiding in the darkened corners, while the appetite is lost. Sometimes a pet is, on the contrary, shows increased activity, does not depart from the host. This state alternates with fearfulness, irritability. Dog may bark incessantly. Appetite is sometimes distorted — was not suited to the usual stern, however, eats unexpected items: cloth, stones, paper.

Infected animal gnawing teeth bite. Then comes the increased salivation and lacrimation. The dog pants, the barking becomes hoarse voice disappears. It becomes aggressive, attacks the people.

At the next stage the animal is in a depressed state. Exhausted, it lies motionless, his body emaciated. Paralyzed muscles, jaw drops, tongue falls out of the mouth, the hind legs longer serve. Gradually affected the entire nervous system, paralyzing the respiratory apparatus and the heart, and then the dog dies.

Recently, more common form of silent rage. Symptoms of the disease are mild. The outcome of this form occurs on the second or fourth day. Atypical disease is accompanied by characteristic symptoms of gastritis and enteritis — vomiting, diarrhea, blood.


What steps need to be taken?

At the slightest suspicion of the dog should be isolated, and then seek help from a veterinarian. In no case, no time to lose.

In order to protect your pet from this terrible disease, you need to do it vaccinated against rabies. Vaccination is carried out once a year.

Do not forget about the simple, but no less effective methods of prevention of infectious diseases that can protect the entire family. How can you wash your hands frequently when in contact with any animal. Regularly drive a pet to the vet for a health check.


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