How to teach a child to take care of my dog?

The appearance of the dog in the family — always a joy, especially for children. However, the four-legged pet, but love requires care and proper care. Who will take care of him — the parents or the little master? The answer to this question depends on how serious the family came to the decision to get a dog. Its senior members have to prepare for this event, and that you find out what difficulties they might expect. How to do it right?

First, think about whether the child is able by virtue of age to take care of the pet. For most children 10-12 years old dog — a partner for more games than the object for concern. Maybe you should wait until the son or daughter grow up to consciousness.

If the child has grown up and the decision to have a furry pet is accepted, you need to pay attention to the stock character of his child. Parental very lightly right to demand serious attention to the care of the pet, such as a hyperactive child who due to the nature of development itself is often not able to fully take care of yourself. This, of course, does not mean that these children can not start a pet. Conversely, psychologists are advised to bring their responsibility through caring for others. Only parents should be prepared for the fact that the process of attracting small owner to care for a dog will not go very smoothly and quickly.

What to do when it is responsible in other areas of the child does not want to take care of my dog? Maybe it is too difficult for him due to the fact that parents explain the unclear rules of care. Adults often do not want to stoop to the level of understanding of children, do not want more time to explain basic concepts in their opinion. Meanwhile, the child has a slightly different vision of the world, for it requires a special approach. Educate all accessible language, do not dismiss the usual «What is there to understand?». Child is sure to hear it.

Watch for socializing children and dogs. Well, if a mutual understanding between them and love. What if there is no … Maybe the dog is jealous, competing with his master for the attention of other members of the family. Or psychological traits, such as aggressiveness, pet prevents the child to become attached to him with all my heart. There can be no concern and care of the little master. In such a case it is necessary to tackle this problem and perhaps a visit to straighten out his dog handlers and dogs, if it fails to do yourself.

Finally, pay attention to your level of knowledge about care. Adults, especially if this is the first dog in their life, does not prevent learn more about it. You can read books, watch movies and shows about animals, see the thematic web sites. A better turn to the professionals of the business.

To do this, bring the child to a special workshop for children in the «school of grooming» Bonsheri »( In this lesson, master groomers teach children simple but important rules of caring for a dog. They demonstrate how to wash and dry your pet, cut his claws, to take care of the hair, how to choose the right shampoo and combs. It is important that these lessons are held in a positive atmosphere of love for cute animals. Having mastered the basic skills, small owners will be able to take on the responsibility of caring for a pet.

As you can see, many aspects of bringing the child to the care of a dog can be provided or smooth. Then the happiness of visiting the house of a four-legged friend will be bright.


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