How to protect your dog from ticks and other insects?

Today, there are several remedies dog from ticks and other harmful insects. It can be sprays, drops or special collars. First of all, you should pay attention to the manufacturer, its credibility and product reviews, as it is how hard is conducted quality control on production, depends on what level of protection would be an animal.


How do drugs?

Regardless of the form, the circuit of sprays, drops and the collars is the same. Lipophilic properties of the filler, in which the active ingredient is dissolved protective drug insectoacaricides allow to soak into the subcutaneous tissue and accumulate in the sebaceous follicles. Active ingredient together with a secret allocated in small portions to the skin surface for a fairly long time.

Mites and any other insects may still be attached to the dog’s coat, but due to the composition of the protective activity of parasites is greatly reduced, and after a while they die.


How to choose the most effective way?

Manufacturers, depending on the form of preparation, it is recommended to apply drops and sprays, several times a week at various points in the animal body. Collars emit poison dispensed during wear.

Because some features, including nonuniform concentration of the substance on the skin, is the most effective means of spray. To achieve the best results, it should be applied according to instructions, and an additional spray every day in small doses on the dog’s coat.


Combining medications properly

Quite a convenient and effective method is to use a combination of drops and sprays containing one active substance. In this case the drops are used to indicate the developer and spray applied daily to consolidate the results.

Of the collar along with sprays and drops unacceptable. First, the mixing of multiple different formulations can lead to dangerous health pet chemical reaction. Second, the dog may appear allergic to additional components.

In addition to these forms of protection, other variations exist. Of which there is no vaccine that would once and for all guaranteed protection against re-infection and insect bites. Therefore, pay more attention to the protection of dogs currently known methods, inspect the hair as often as possible.


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