How to dry the dog after a bath?

For many novice dog owners a pressing question of how to bathe your pet. But it is equally important to properly dry your four-legged friend after water treatment.

After bathing the dog should be slightly wet towel and allow to dry on their own. No need to try to wipe out all the superfluous moisture from the hair, because, first, it will cause additional discomfort for the animal, and secondly, such methods still fail to wipe the animal. Puppy after bathing better hold wrapped in a towel for a while to excess moisture is absorbed into the fabric.

Make sure that the room in which the animal after water treatment was warm, draft-free, otherwise your pet can catch a cold.For dogs and puppies small size can even cook a hot water bottle with warm water.

If your pet is not afraid of loud noises, can be dried her hair with a hair dryer. In this case, you need to ensure that the jet of air is not too hot and not burn the dog’s skin (choose mode of drying with warm air and a small power boost).

Walk the dog will be at least three to four hours after the completion of all procedures. Therefore, it is best to bathe the animal in the evening before going to bed — night time to coat completely dry.

Keep in mind that the basis of the proper care of a dog are the attention and care that the four-footed pet feel comfortable. No matter what breed your dog, bathing with shampoos and other detergents for her — not quite a natural process. This is due to the fact that the animal after the bath ceases to feel your natural smell, which serves as a means of identification. This is a cause for concern and, therefore, the desire to get covered in grass or some other «flavored» place. Usually a day or two, everything comes back to normal, and the dog feels comfortable again.


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