Dog’s voming

Vomiting in dogs can occur for a variety of reasons. It is caused by poisoning, and infectious diseases. It is important to immediately identify when there is vomiting (before eating, after, or independently of it), as is often repeated urging, there is blood in the vomit. You also need to check the temperature of the animal’s body.


If your dog vomits frequently (every hour or more often) and thus she have diarrhea — perhaps it is a viral infection. Carefully observe the general condition of the pet. Lethargy, depression confirm the presence of viral infection in the body. If the animal has all of the above symptoms, do not waste any time — as soon as possible please contact your veterinarian .


First aid for suspected infection


Dog needs first aid, to try to stop the vomiting. One of the best ways to do this — injection spazmalitiki and antiemetic drugs — no-spa, Cerucalum. Well give the animal adsorbents (activated carbon, enterosgel, Enterodesum, Polyphepanum, etc.).


If vomiting during the day does not stop, can begin dehydration. It is life-threatening, and in this case your pet will need to put a drip.


First aid for poisoning


Emergency access to a doctor is also necessary if there is suspicion of poisoning the animal industry poison or drugs. It should administer antidotes that only an expert can do. Often dogs become victims of poison for rodents, which in most cases ends sadly.


Immediately contact your doctor if cramps accompanied by a body temperature above 39 degrees, if found in the vomit blood drop.


Should be taken very seriously to such a problem in the puppy — he may die from dehydration in just a day.


Other causes of vomiting


If vomiting in dogs is rare, but regularly — once a day or once a week — perhaps in your pet disease of the internal organs. In this case, the dog must be examined in the first place — to be tested for worms .


Recovering from illness


After the cessation of vomiting dog for a few days should be put on a diet. On the first day better hold it altogether without food, give only water. On the second day you can give a bit of congee or medicinal food. Allowed up to five devices such food a day.


Help the dog recover herbal teas (chamomile, flax seed), which is likely to have to enter by force, up to six times a day. The more pet drink the broth, the better.


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