Need I get a bark collar to Malaysia for 10 nights

Malaysia attracts tourists unexplored jungles, gleaming skyscrapers, its beautiful bays and beaches, fabulous islands, fascinating excursions, shopping centers. Interweaving of Malay, Indian, Thai, Chinese cultures have made the country extremely interesting and colorful. Embark on a journey around the country to its capital — Kuala Lumpur.

Direct flights from Ukraine to Malaysia not. Flight to Kuala Lumpur with the most convenient connections to Amsterdam offers KLM. You can also fly via Bangkok flight company «Aerosvit» and Thai Airways, via Dubai — with Emirates. With the transfer in Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna — aircraft Air France, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, respectively. «Ukraine International Airlines’ flight offer to transit in Abu Dhabi.
Duration of flight with the transplant — 16 hours.

NUANCE … On the airfield to the airport Kuala Lumpur to catch a train. Then the passengers get luggage and pass the passport control.

To stay in Malaysia less than 30 days do not need a visa. Enough of the passport, which expires at least six months after the end of the journey. It is also desirable to have a return ticket, hotel reservation.

Duty-free in Malaysia can bring 1 liter of spirits, 200 pcs. cigarettes, perfumes, cosmetics and gifts worth no more than the equivalent of 200 ringgit. You can import email, audio and video equipment is not more than one item per person.
The import and export of drugs in Malaysia sentenced to death. Banned the import of weapons (including toy), knives (including knives with a blade throw out), pornography, goods, coins or banknotes of Israel, clothing with the printed texts from the Koran, radio, more than 100 grams of gold, antiques, wild birds and animals, plants and seeds of rubber trees.
You can import one thousand ringgit foreign currency and traveler’s checks — with no restrictions, but the sum of $ 10 million to be declared. From Malaysia can take out 1 thousand ringgit foreign currency — not more than the amount imported. If you want to take out the national and foreign currency in excess of the limit, you should obtain written permission of the Department of the State Bank currency exchange Malaysia.


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