Impact of pain on the dog’s behavior

It is often said that veterinarians should be extraordinarily talented doctors because their patients can not tell them where they hurt. Often the dog does not even show that it is not anything wrong with the health. Sometimes, changes in the behavior of the dog, which, at first glance, may seem completely unrelated to pain, the only symptom of animal health problems.

The manifestations of pain. It would be just great if the dog could answer questions such as veterinarian: «Where does it hurt? Does it hurt when driving? Does it hurt when you click on my location? How long will it hurt? What is pain?»

You can see a vet or a dog’s reaction to the pain when moving or pressing, but even this is often quite difficult. The fact that the dog has a strong instinct to hide their pain, however, as all the animals that try not to show any signs of weakness, so as not to give out their problems and do not become easy prey for predators. Nature took care of that this instinct to hide their pain has become a reliable tactic of survival in the wild.

It is true that instinct can be very damaging relations dog and her family, because it makes her behave aggressively. Aggression in this case is an attempt to dogs protect themselves and their health. The man, who in this case is trying to raise a dog, get her to move, or even just a pat, does not know what his pet aggression aimed not at him but at the pain.

Infection — a common cause of pain. If you find that your dog is in pain, you should try to determine what exactly it hurts.

The dog may experience pain in the spine, hip, legs, elbows, shoulder, neck, knees, ears, belly … And pain in any of these regions may have different causes. Dogs also experience headaches, especially after traumatic brain injury.

Your observation of changes in the behavior of your dog can be a great help to the vet correct diagnosis. It would be good to make regular entries concerning the behavior and health of your dog.

Very often a situation in which the dog is in pain is critical, i.e. animal needs medical help immediately, or at least no later than the next day. You should try to immediately show your dog to the vet, if you see that she is in pain. It could save your pet from death and keep her health.

Treatment of early disease more effectively than going to the doctor at a later stage. Because pain is a dog’s aggression, rapid medical intervention helps to protect the character of your dog from its destructive effects, ie aggression displayed by repeatedly tends to become a habit, and you, but problems dog health, will also a huge problem with her behavior.

Pain management. Your vet will give you detailed instructions on how to behave with your dog, which is something hurts. It is important to follow these instructions exactly. Take notes, ask questions, because the consequence of not only health, but also the nature of your dog will depend on the correctness of your actions. In addition, appropriate care for a sick dog prevents the dog was suffering from additional health problems.

Ask your vet if you want to limit the activity of the dog. If so, you need to know what is allowed and what is forbidden to do to a dog. Stick to the restrictions prescribed by a veterinarian in the whole period. If the vet will want to re-examine the dog at the end of the rehabilitation period, be sure to visit it.

In combating pain may have different embodiments, both individually and in combination with each other, for example, medication, activity limitation, operational intervention lifestyle changes (e.g., the prohibition of jumps). There may be some prescribed massages or physiotherapy, as well as certain food additives.

It is important to understand what your dog’s health can change. It is impossible to think that the measures that were taken to deal with pain in the last year or last month or even last week, still work. Any unexplained change in behavior is a cause for consultation with a veterinarian about the state of the dog.

How to understand a sick dog. At certain moments of our lives we are faced with a situation where we feel that our dogs have a pain. How to better understand your sick dog? You can encourage her to «tell» you about their problems, if you caress her. If you are taking urgent steps to ease the pain of a dog, she begins to realize that their pain it is better to tell people.

Some dogs are treated with understanding, when the doctor makes them manipulation and helps them feel better.

Very hard to explain in words the body language that shows the dog that you will understand that it is something hurts, and you will do your best to keep this problem does not recur. Most of us understand the language of the body, and the veterinarians are proficient enough in the transmission of the message. You can use to communicate with your dog sick gentle touch, caring disposition of the body of the dog in a comfortable position, and gentle voice.

If you observe the work of an experienced groomer or vet, you’ll notice that body language in action. The dog also sees this and learns to trust it. Try to treat your dog in this manner. In the process, you really enrich your relationship with her. One way to learn is closer understanding everyday grooming your dog. This process will also help you detect physical problems early, when they are most amenable to rapid and efficient recovery.

Special assistance. If the security has become an aggressive response to your dog has a habit, you should contact an experienced veterinarian, canine behavior specialist for help, which not only has the knowledge of how to change the behavior of the dog (and teach it to you), but also understand the medical reasons pain. A dog can so cleverly mask their pain, that instructors who are not veterinarians often do not understand the reason for aggressive behavior.

The first thing to check when your dog starts behaving bad news — the possibility of pain in the animal. Teach your dog to show you my pain. After all, so you open the way for even more trusting relationship between you, filled with great love.


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